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Ride and Stride Event


Please join us at the Churches Annual sponsored Ride & Stride Event on 8th September 2018. For more details see Ride & Stride

The sponsored Annual Bike Ride in aid of historic churches takes place throughout the whole country on the second Saturday in September, organised by each County Trust. It is the principal source of funding for the Trust. The event includes those disabled participants using motorised scooters as well as those who cycle, walk, run, use the bus or horse ride to visit as many participating churches as possible in the day.

For those who wish to enter for this event please prepare yourselves for Saturday 8th September. Even if you don’t give the day to visiting the churches you may consider giving an hour to act as host in our Church Family Centre to the visiting riders, which is certainly much appreciated by the participants. Above all, it is the riders who are trying to raise the funds and therefore need your support in sponsorship. The Trust donates back 50% of what is raised to the nominated church of the rider. Last year £1000 came back to our Church through this means. The other half goes to the County Trust to administer as a grant or loan to valid applications to assist with the preservation, repair maintenance, improvement upkeep, beautification and reconstruction of churches.

Throughout our County and Islands £60,098 was raised in 2017. This is one of many special events, which can help maintain our building and others.

Please contact me for any further details.

Robin Hart 268588